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Pós-graduação em Ciências do Movimento Humano


Human Movement Sciences Graduate Program – HMSGP


Program Objectives:

1. Form qualified and autonomous professionals for performing education and scientific and technological development activities regarding Human Movement Sciences.

2. Produce innovating scientific knowledge regarding Human Movement Science.

3. Contribute to the scientific and technological development of the Brazilian public universities, especially Udesc.

4. Consolidate the Cefid/Udesc as a scientific and academic center of excellence in the national and international scenario.

5. Intensify the relations between undergraduate studies and post-graduation through education, research, and extension.

6. Consolidate national and international academic mobility for graduate and post-graduate studies.

7. Contribute for the social responsibility of the University through the implementation of actions resulting from the production of knowledge regarding Human Movement Sciences.






Concentration areas and research lines:





1. Physical activity and health:

Studies the implications of physical activity in the promotion, prevention, and maintenance of health and quality of life.

2. Motor behavior:

Studies the motor, cognitive, growth, and development aspects that comprise the learning and control processes of motor skills.

3. Sports performance:

Studies the components of sports performance aimed at improvement.


Program Differentials (Strengths):

• Has a history of 21 years of Stricto sensu graduate formation with hundreds of Masters and almost a decade of forming Doctors;

• Maintains agréments and partnerships with the best universities in the country and abroad through research projects, international publications and events in collaboration with professors and students of the HMSGP;

• Produces, teaches and orients in international publication of high scientific and social impact;

• Forms academic Masters and Doctors with high-level quality for scientific production and teaching in higher education, as well as for a more qualified intervention;

• Produces innovations and technologies applied to sports, from formation to high-performance, physical activity, and health, as well as for the development of rehabilitation and motor behavior;

• It is a Graduate Program highlighted in subareas, such as Exercise Physiology, Cardiopulmonary and metabolic Rehabilitation, physical activity and health with applications in many diseases and different populations, such as elderly, sport and exercise psychology, water biomechanics, adapted physical education, sports performance, human and motor development, among others.

• The program has produced egresses who have been prominent in tender processes for higher education centers in the country and abroad, in addition to assuming leadership positions and functions in the area;

• It disposes of gold-standard, international, and modern laboratories and equipment, integrated to the activities of education, research, and extension, assembling master´s degree and doctorate students with scientific trainees and post-doctorate interns;

• It raises funds through internal and external notices, strengthening its activities;

• It grants a master´s degree and doctorate scholarships obtained from CNPq, Capes, and Fapesc, as well as from other fostering agencies, awarded to students through public competition notice;

• It accepts post-doctorate interns, and sporadically grants scholarships.


Minimum formation and other requirements for ingress:

To ingress into the academic master´s program, the candidate must have concluded a higher education undergraduate program recognized by the Ministry of Education. For the doctorate program, in addition to the undergraduate diploma, the candidate must present a stricto sensu post-graduate diploma approved by Capes. The candidates may present distinct formations, but the research projects must fit the concentration area and research lines of the program.



Form/period of ingress:

Ingress occurs through selection notice – public tender process for the positions in the master´s and doctorate programs. Selection occurs once per year, always by public notice, and the process occurs between June and July, for ingress in August. The maximum term for the master´s program is of 24 months counting from ingress, and of the doctorate program, of 48 months. Rules and alterations are provided in the Notice.


Selection/Ingress Notice:


Teaching staff:


Program website:


Telephone number:

+55 (48) 3664-8693.

Program contact e-mail:

Centro de Ciências da Saúde e do Esporte - CEFID / Rua Pascoal Simone, 358 - Coqueiros - Florianópolis - SC
CEP: 88080-350 - Fone:(48) 3664-8600
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