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Pós-graduação em Fisioterapia

Physical Therapy Graduate Program – PTGP

Objective of the Program:
Promote the training of qualified human resources capable of acting in education and research in Physical Therapy.
MASTER´S PROGRAM IN PHYSICAL THERAPY (Beginning in August of 2011).
Concentration areas and research lines:
The program maintains three research lines within the concentration area of physical therapy evaluation and intervention. One of the lines focuses on the control of human posture and movement, another develops researches in cardiorespiratory physical therapy, and a third researches neurologic physical therapy.
1.   Physical therapy evaluation and intervention in the control of the human posture and movement:
Studiesthe basic mechanisms of the control of human posture and movement. Develops experimental researches to produce changes in these mechanisms and to evaluate the effectiveness of new evaluation and treatment strategies in neuromuscular Physical Therapy.
2.   Evaluation and intervention in cardiorespiratory Physical Therapy:
Develops qualitative and quantitative methods for the functional evaluation of the respiratory and cardiovascular systems.Studies the effects of different Physiotherapy interventions for children and adults.
3.   Neurologic Physical Therapy: Neurobiological mechanisms, evaluation, and intervention in adults/elderly:
Studies the basic neurobiological mechanisms, applied to Neurologic Physical Therapy, of the lesion and recovery processes of the nervous system, as well as thePhysical Therapy evaluation and intervention for adults and elderly with dysfunctions derived from nervous system affections.
Program Differentials (Strengths):
It is the only Physical Therapy Graduate Program in the Southern region of the country, with:
- Solid formation of human resources, focusing on professor and research career;
- Specific disciplines in the areas of Physical Therapy;
- Professors with diversified research formations;
- Development of studies regarding Physical Therapy in national and international scenarios;
- Compromise with regional social development.
Minimum formation and other requirements for ingress:
Have concluded an undergraduate program, preferentially in an area correlated to health sciences.
Form/period of ingress:
At every beginningof the second semester (calendar year). There is an application at the beginning of the first semester when there are remaining positions. Rules and alterations are provided in the Notice.
Selection/Ingress Notice:
Teaching staff:
Program website:
Telephone number: +55 (48) 3664-8660.
Program contact
Centro de Ciências da Saúde e do Esporte - CEFID / Rua Pascoal Simone, 358 - Coqueiros - Florianópolis - SC
CEP: 88080-350 - Fone:(48) 3664-8600
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